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Effective December 31, 2018 we will no longer accept orders for delivery addresses in Colorado. GET A DISCOUNT NOW (no matter where in the world you are) on those products in the web store you would like to own before Colorado sales shut down for good. Here are your options:


Get 25% off any order of $30 or more by using code ENDOFCOSALES at checkout.

DECEMBER 21 - 31 (Monday)

Regular, sale, and clearance prices as listed will be honored for delivery to all Colorado addresses.

JANUARY 1, 2019

a) Colorado residents should contact their local retailers and ask them to stock or special order the product for them. Use the contact form on the Mail Room page. (Note that we will continue shipping to all other states, and you are welcome to ask your local retailer to stock any products from the site.)

b) Visit us at a movie screening, lecture, or other special event beginning with the Ghost Towns of the American West presentation at Chautauqua in Boulder, Colorado, on Wednesday, April 3, 2019.


The Colorado Department of Revenue has decided that EVERY Colorado resident must now pay their FULL LOCAL sales tax rate on online purchases from any company doing business in Colorado. (Previously you only had to pay the tax you had in common with the seller: state, state + county, or state + county + city.) This applies to everyone from Amazon-sized giants down to home-based micro-businesses and all the mom and pop shops in between.

With HUNDREDS of taxing jurisdictions and OVER 70 "home rule" cities that have individual requirements and require their own separate sales tax license, it is beyond the scope of any small business to comply with the new rules. Accordingly we will have to cancel any order coming through the web site for delivery within Colorado.

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