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"THE HAUNTED WEST" Debuts This October

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

From the Colorado Rockies to the Sierra Nevada, from the Oregon forests to the Arizona desert, stories of those who sought their fortunes in the old mining camps continue to haunt the American West. And while many once-booming cities have been lost to memory, the legends to which they gave rise remain an enduring part of folklore.

During decades of research and travel to hundreds of Old West ghost towns, documentary filmmaker and author E. S. Knightchilde has encountered the fascinating, the heart-rending, and the inexplicable.

In The Haunted West, he presents a series of tales from the somber to the supernatural, of history both real and imagined, of ghost towns and of ghosts that may yet linger.

The Haunted West debuts this October in Estes Park and Niwot, Colorado. A new book, entitled Tales from the Haunted West, will be published to coincide with the lecture. Visit the ticketing page for show times and the store page to purchase the book.

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