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The old RSS feed is dead! We invite you to follow us here at the new platform. Sign up using the button in the upper right and you'll enjoy "members-only" discounts on purchases, including one just for joining.

Meanwhile... here is what is currently happening to our online presence:

Our biggest web-based transition since 2005 is nearly complete. As part of the move to a new platform begun in May 2017, we are in the process of bringing over news and blog posts from SIX different sources. The entries prior to May 2017 are just a partial set from three of those sources. Please bear with us.

The Facebook pages for both Knight Sky Pictures and Ghosts of the West will be deactivated shortly. All posts from there will eventually be reposted here, along with all the news and stories from the road since 2008, from the premiere of Not for Today, But for All Time... through to the digital transfer of location footage from the forthcoming feature, Ghosts of the West: Stampede on the Bonanza Trail.

If you haven't already done so--please join us by clicking the button at the top upper right of this post just below the main navigation menu. Members-only discounts on purchases, including one just for signing up, are just a click away.

Thank you for all your past, present, and future support.

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