Second Chance for GHOSTS OF THE WEST Book Drive

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Did you miss the Kickstarter campaign for Ghosts of the West: Tales and Legends from the Bonanza Trail? Here's your second chance to pre-order, get additional rewards, and receive the book long before it is available online or in stores. (And if you move quickly, you can still get your name in print!)

Ghosts of the West is not a travel book; it is not a history book; and, it is not strictly a photo book like the "Images of America" series. It is a series of dramatic non-fiction stories about Old West ghost towns and mining camps, accompanied by both historical and contemporary photos. They are grouped into five chapters to tell tales of discovery, boom times, bust times, final fates, and lost mines.

And as you will see, the truth is sometimes more fascinating than oft-told and overly embellished legends.

Please visit the kickstarter campaign at the link below, then return here, and use the contact form to pledge your support, reserve your rewards, and get the book before the stores.

UPDATE - March 21: The book has been sent to the printer. Inclusion of your name in the printed book is no longer available as a reward. Also, there will not be a digital edition. That reward has been substituted. Use the contact form in the Mail Room to get additional information.

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