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MAGAZINE COVER STORY: "...A beautiful film...a stunning look through history..." - Chris Cottrill, Super 8 Today (Issue #16 - printed magazine available for purchase)

MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Colorado Life Magazine (May/June 2017 issue - printed magazine available for purchase)


REVIEW: "...A stirring contrast between past and present that isn't often seen. An hour-long gallery of photographs and film clips that capture all the danger, adventure and heartaches of the Old West." - Tommy Simmons, The Mirror

REVIEW: "Recommended for both students and history buffs alike, especially those with an interest in the Old West." - James Scholtz, Booklist Online/American Library Association (click to read)

INTERVIEW: Greeley Tribune (click to read)

INTERVIEW: Estes Park Trail Gazette (click to read)

REVIEW: "...Appreciate the research, the enchanting music score, and the great cinematography.” - Debe Branning, Arizona Examiner

INTERVIEW: Phoenix New Times (click to read)

REVIEW: "The applause was long and loud after the credits rolled..." - Laura Van Dusen, The Flume (click to preview - subscription required for full access)

INTERVIEW: The Flume (click to preview - subscription required for full access)

INTERVIEW: Rocky Mountain Collegian (click to read)


TEST SCREENINGS: Saturday, September 29, 2012 in Estes Park was a perfect early autumn day. Elkfest was in full swing and apparently Rocky Mountain National Park was handing out free passes. Against those odds, a good-sized crowd joined us for the matinee test screening. Nothing however prepared us for the evening performance.

Ticketholders began lining up outside the theatre an hour before showtime. Within ten minutes of opening the doors, we'd run out of programs. And by the time the house lights dimmed, one of the best crowds of the summer season filled the auditorium. 

After each screening, audience members completed survey cards, on which they gave the film an average score of 4.5 (on a scale of 1 to 5) and provided the following comments:  

"Loved the narration" • "The score is magnificent"
"Outstanding research and script" • "Attention to detail was impeccable"
"Loved the cinematography" • "The film shots were awesome!" 
"Amazing blending of historic and contemporary photographs"
"This is something that begs to be viewed more than once"
"Could be an American Experience series!"
"I want more!" • "Great job! Publish a book!"
"The film touched my heart"
"Haunting" • "Awesome!"

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Ghosts of the West Director's Statement
Behind the Scenes of the Ghosts of the West Production
Tech Specs for Ghosts of the West
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