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Send a post card through time!


These cards feature a vintage look and come in two varieties:


Greetings from the Old West, USA: each letter contains an iconic image of a ghost town, mining camp, or landscape from across the western states.

Greetings from Bodie, CAL: commissioned by Bodie and includes photos of famous facades and interiors from the world-renowned site.


(Please note that the watermark shown on the store images is for web purposes only and is NOT on the actual product.)


The cards measure 4.25" x 6"  and are printed on sturdy 14 pt. stock to survive mailing. They feature a high gloss front that make the art stand out and an uncoated back to make it easy to write a greeting and address.


Available in packages of 10 cards.

Vintage-Style "Greetings From" Post Cards (10-pack)

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