Adrian Hernandez's acclaimed score for GHOSTS OF THE WEST: THE END OF THE BONANZA TRAIL is once again available on CD at a new lower price! 


The music written for the Best Documentary Award-winner captures the extremes of the Old West beautifully, along with the sense of nostalgia that we, generations removed, have for the era. The album contains the entirety of the film's score, presented in its proper order, and includes "Ghosts of the West Rag," "Lament for the West," and "Timberline on the Continental Divide." The CD comes in an eco-friendly, space-saving, cardboard sleeve, rather than a standard plastic jewel case.


The score was specifically mentioned by test audiences as an outstanding element of the film. All musicians involved would go on to perform at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.


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Ghosts of the West - Original Motion Picture CD Soundtrack

$10.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price
  •   1    Prologue: The Call of the West (4:02)

      2    Creede, 1892 (0:58)

      3    Tales for the Civilized East (1:04)

      4    The Extremes of Humanity (0:50)

      5    The Quality of Justice; The Fleecing of Henry Wickenburg (2:52)

      6    Silver Cliff and the Denver & Rio Grande (1:22)

      7    No Law, No Restraint (0:42)

      8    Henry Plummer and the Vigilance Committee (2:15)

      9    Ludlow-The Strike Begins (2:42)

    10    Ludlow-The Confrontation and Aftermath (3:55)

    11    When the Ore Played Out (2:03)

    12    Timberline on the Continental Divide (1:44)

    13    The Frontier Closes (2:08)

    14    Creede, 1894 (1:08)

    15    The End of the Trail (0:57)

    16    The Towns Vanish (3:18)

    17    The Theft of the Lee Mansion (1:03)

    18    History Slaughtered and Saved (3:04)

    19    Frozen in Time (0:35)

    20    The preservation of Georgetown (0:36)

    21    Glimmers from the Past (0:39)

    22    Battle for the Hidden Cache (0:49)

    23    Treasure and Tragedy on Slate Mountain (1:56)

    24    The Crash of '93 (1:28)

    25    The Lost Dutchman (3:07)

    26    Lament for the West (1:44)

    27    Epilogue: The Westward Road (0:46)

    28    End Title: Ghosts of the West Rag (3:21)

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