GHOSTS OF THE WEST: STAMPEDE ON THE BONANZA TRAIL is the forthcoming installment in our ongoing Old West ghost town documentary project. Its predecessor, GHOSTS OF THE WEST: THE END OF THE BONANZA TRAIL, gives the yet-to-be-released film a brief nod in its prologue; however both titles were designed to stand alone.

A teaser trailer officially announcing the new film was shown to an audience attending a fourth anniversary benefit screening of GHOSTS OF THE WEST in September 2016.

In post-production; documentary feature.

Can't wait? Take a look at the book Ghosts of the West: Tales and Legends from the Bonanza Trail or ask your local theatre or group to host the multimedia lecture Ghost Towns of the American West. Both have a hint and some material from Stampede.

For more info on the book, click here.

For more info on the lecture, click here.

Ghosts of the West: Stampede on the Bonanza Trail teaser poster

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