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NOT FOR TODAY Honored with Excellence in Filmmaking Award

Not for Today - EPFF Award Montage

After three screenings during the 3rd Annual Estes Park Film Festival, including one at the request of a representative from Universal Pictures, the festival honored Not for Today, But for All Time... with its EXCELLENCE IN FILMMAKING Award.

I’m thrilled with this particular award: “Filmmaking” by definition is a group effort; and a movie that has actually moved people to tears just cannot have been created by anything less than a dedicated crew working at the top of its craft.

Darren, Robin, Jenna, Todd, Richard, Dan, Stephen, Brian, Anthony, Tyler, Ryan, Scott, Aaron, Chris, Diego, Matthew, Andrew, Adrian, Jack, Eric, Jeff, Forrest, Ryan, Tom, Christopher, and all others who gave their time, effort, access to facilities, or just plain support, I give you my heartfelt thanks for helping to create something which will hopefully help other films and the theatres that showed them endure--not just for today, but for all time...

~ Ethan Knightchilde

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